Thank you

This year has been challenging for a lot of people, probably also for you. In these uncertain times I decided to follow my heart, which brought me to special places and even more special people. I found ease in this new era and felt so thankful for so many great people in my life. This gave me the power to keep believing in the universe. From that point on I got so much new energy to create. Not only in music but also in fashion, art and lifestyle.

It's a beginning of new Britta Arnold creations and I hope you like it as much as I do. I'm thankful for everybody who is involved. It is an adventurous ride, which I could not have done alone. Thank you for following me on this new path and checking out this new platform. It means a lot.

Truly hope it will be soon possible to see you all soon again on my next GRRR mit BRRR party at Kater Blau, till then we dance in our living rooms, possible now with a bit of me. Xx Britta

I'm your Venus



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